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July 01, 20212 min read

How To Prepare Your Dog For Life Post Pandemic - Sara Barnes, February 7, 2021

Many people have got dogs during this pandemic; maybe they needed the company, or had the time to introduce a new pet to their home, among many other reasons.

But are your pets ready for when you return to work?

Many pandemic puppies may never have been left home alone at all, let alone for a prolonged period.

It is important that they get used to being left alone before you need to head back and spend a full day back at work.

This could start with them being left alone for the time it takes you walk around the block, then to the time taken to do the weekly shop, and slowly built upon until they are comfortable being left alone for longer periods of time.

You can use cameras to keep an eye on your dog to check they are not overly stressed or being destructive.

If you usually would take your car to get to work then you need to build this into your routine when leaving the dog, as they will need to learn that the noise of the car coming and going is a signal for being left alone and when it is over.

Other things to consider are:

  • Does your dog need to be let out or walked while you are at work? If so, who will do this for you?

  • Can you fit the early morning walk in before you leave for work?

  • Will the dog’s feeding times need to be changed to fit around work schedules?

  • If leaving the dog at home alone is not an option, then what will you do?

Do not think if you had your dog before the pandemic that you do not need to consider these things.

Do a dry run to see how your dog copes. Do they revert to the old routine fine or do they find the change stressful and need to be re-introduced to it again gradually?

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Sara Barnes

Sara is the owner, director, chief dog walker, home boarder and entrepreneur

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Quite simply for the work I do I wouldn’t be able to have a dog without “Who lets your dog out”…the fact that my dog loves the days she spends with Sara and her team meeting other dogs is a massive bonus… puppy literally runs out to meet them when they arrive!

I consider myself lucky to have found such flexible and reliable care for my VIP puppy

Thanks WLYDO

Ashley Johnson & Doris

Outstanding service, totally reliable and Sara and her team have been brilliant with our dog Lola over the past year who loves seeing them and I am extremely grateful and happy with their service.

Dr Alun Yewlett & Lola

Sara and the team have had our rescue puppy for almost a year, and they have been amazing. Caddie was very nervous around people when we first got her but the team understood that and have been fantastic with her! Could not recommend these guys anymore!

Nathan Gray & Caddie

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